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Weird Words

Weird Words

These are words that for one reason or another amuse me to no end. If you don't get it, don't feel bad. They are mostly here for my enjoyment.

And, having said that, I'm not sure why this list is so frequently stolen and posted as someone's own list of weird words. These words all had significance to me at various times in my life and it's odd to me that other folks would relate to this list so much as to "borrow" it.

Office supply stores
Abandoned mines
French Fries
Carbonated cheese beverage
Dog gravy
Glass bottles
Onion chimes
10 Don't drink soap
11 Peristaltic pump
12 Chevron
13 Consumer watch
14 Made with "Real Meat" (tm)
15 Dehydrated water
16 Alphagators
17 Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick
18 Deluxe
19 Diametrically opposed
20 High performance liquid chromatography
21 Pus pocket
22 One, two, three, a-larry-o
23 Far out
24 Topiary
25 Transparent meat
26 Saw sharpening service
27 Toin coss
28 Pursue the happy
29 Cherry coke
30 Raw bacon sandwiches
31 Onionade
32 Super Bubba
33 Gloriosky
34 Rubber Tarzan
35 Jiffy Squid
36 Peter Cottonsvenson
37 Nattering nabobs of negativism
38 Used underwear bouquet
39 People person's people person
40 Tube top of justice
41 Fishystix
42 Snive
43 Moufang Plane
44 Toothless Fang
45 Supergran
46 Homographs
47 Rip zip flip clip
48 Beefs and bouquets
49 Don Maximo soap
50 Shundahai
51 Stratocruiser
52 What? Sausages?
53 That's the way the cannon ball bounces
54 Why it's (name), little (name)-Lou
55 Yertle
56 Impossibly thick shaving cream
57 Multifunction Snapper
58 Sleep (while waving hand across subject)
59 Stone cold whore master
60 Ta-ra-ra boom de ay
61 Well hush my puppy
62 soft serve hot dogs
63 Mc Culley
64 Tweet tweet, twiddle twiddle
65 je m'appelle wheaty boy
66 Bacon sandwiches: the rawer the better
67 double chop
68 Beep Beep, Ritchie
69 Tired of the daily grind
70 Quick of tongue but slow of wit
71 Junk entertainment
72 Time to put the pig in the freezer.
73 Sky groining
74 No need to get diarrhea over it!
75 Not my problem. I sleep now.
76 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
77 Problem Adjourned
78 Flustrated
79 Blue Dain Mountains
80 Hucky
81 schnell #5
82 QC Quinn's Burger and Fries
83 Polka Mini Dot Vibration
84 Buttermellon Biscuit