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Sandoz Sub Review

The Two-Minute Sandoz Sub Review

This review is specifically for the blue-faced Sandoz Submariner, but most of the points hold true for the other Sandoz Subs.


The face
The face is a stunning sapphire blue. It is dark and rich and reflects light in a majestic fashion. Markers and writing are accurately placed and flawless.

The Movement
The movement is the ETA 2824. Keeps good time, automatic, hackable, and smooth sweeping second hand.

The Bezel
Brushed with inset black lettering. Turns very nicely and doesn't have much play.

The Cyclops
Accurately placed and has good magnification.


Luminous Material
It's very green looking and doesn't last long.

Mineral glass
Scratches easily, as is typical for this sort of glass.

Too small and hard to manipulate because of the massive crown guards.

Too thin for the size of the watch, and the clasp is so short that I have to contort my hand to get it in.

Dot on Bezel
Tiny and dirty brown. Doesn't look very nice.

Diving Depth
Only 100m. Not very useful as a dive watch.


Although the Cons outnumber the Pros, I like the watch. I bought it for its blue face and its ETA engine and it delivers on both.